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Thermal Oil Heater in Plywood Production
In wood processing industry, hot oil boiler is used in the veneer dryer、plywood secondary processing and other equipment heating system which need accurate temperature controlling. The boiler can accurately guarantee the process temperature, ensure the moisture content of the board uniform.Just as
WNS Steam Boiler in Palm Oil Line
There are two kinds of oil palm: one is African butter palm originating in West Africa, distributedin Angola to Gambia in West Africa, and Malaysia and Indonesia; the other is Central America and North America, the Americas oil palm.Oil palm oil is the highest oil production of oil species, oil outp
The corrugated box used for shipping packaging appeared in 1907 and became the most important transport packaging container due to its light weight, low cost, environmental protection, easy processing.
Molten Salt Furnace For produce Lubricating Oil
Following is one of our project, diesel fired molten salt furnace used to produce lubricating oil. This project need to heat the lubricating oil to 480℃,in order to keep the temperature, their salt tank is buried underground, this is a great insulation system.Operation steps:First, worker need to ch
Hot Oil Boiler In Rubber Production Line
I. Rubber industry:At present, the sales amount of rubber industry is more than 250 billion, and the rubber has been already important commodities for international trade. The rubber product widely used in tire, rubber shoes, etc., industry, construction product, medical and cultural sports product.
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