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WNS Steam Boiler in Palm Oil Line

Publish Time: 2019-06-05
There are two kinds of oil palm: one is African butter palm originating in West Africa, distributed
in Angola to Gambia in West Africa, and Malaysia and Indonesia; the other is Central America and North America, the Americas oil palm.
Oil palm oil is the highest oil production of oil species, oil output capacity can reach up to about 1 ton per hectare on average.The palm oil is extracted from the palm oil (Elaeis Guineensis), which has been used as a natural food for more than five thousand years.

In the extraction process of palm oil, oil palm fruit sterilization process is the first step, is also a very critical step. Usually the FFB(fresh fruit bunches) are required to be sterilized within 24 hours after picking, to avoid the oil acid value increasing and affect the quality of oil. Sterilization can destroy the activity of lipase in the fruit, and also make the fruit more easily to thresh off, and the fruit is soft after sterilization, easy to mash.

Put the FFB into a sealed sterilizer, then inlet high temperature and high pressure steam, sterilize it. Keep insulation and pressure for some time, then it can be sent into the thresher.
Our steam boiler can meet the steam demand of the sterilizer for different capacity, and the steam temperature and steam output are stable, easily help to achieve continuous FFB sterilization.