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WNS Dual Fuel Steam Boiler Shipped to Bangladesh
We met at the Bangladesh Exhibition in March this year and knew that the customer needed to replace the old steam boiler.
Bidragon Attend Poultry Expo 2023
Poultry Expo Pakistan is holding now in Lahore, which exhibition will last three days from September 21th to 23th, We- BIDRAGON team arrived at Lahore yesterday and layed out our pavilion.
Bangladesh Clients Visit Our Boiler Factory
This is a great opportunity to showcase our product and its benefits to potential customers.
What is the evaporation capacity of steam boiler
For steam boilers, "evaporation capacity" is a more important parameter
Classification of hot water boilers
At present, it is popular for people to use boilers for heating, bathing, etc. There are many types of boilers on the market. According to the medium, there are hot water boilers, steam boilers, steam-water dual-purpose boilers, etc.,
Boiler Knowledge and Classification
A boiler is a device that produces steam or hot water. It consists of a steel container for holding water and a combustion device. The hot water and steam it pr
How to Calculate Gas Does of Natural Gas Boiler
It mainly depends on the calorific value of the gas and the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
Can steam boilers use waste fabric as fuel?
steam boilers can use waste fabric as fuel. In fact, it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to generate heat and steam. Waste fabric is a biomass fuel, which means that it is made from organic materials that can be burned to produce heat. When waste fabric is burned in a boiler, it releases energy that can be used to heat water or generate steam.
Advantages and Benefits of Thermal Oil Boiler
A thermal oil boiler is a type of boiler that uses a heat transfer fluid, typically a thermal oil, to transfer heat to a process or application. Thermal oil boi
How to identify the quality of LNG for industrial gas boilers
Industrial gas boilers use various gases as fuel. The user can choose the fuel according to the local actual situation. The pipeline gas source is stable and sa
DZL10 Chain Grate Boiler Installation Site
The project is horizontal chain grate biomass steam boiler using at readymade garments. We learned that this customer is in the garment industry. Washing, drying, and ironing in garment manufacturing are all inseparable from steam
Installation Of Boiler Piping, Instrumentation Valves And Accessories
The water level gauge should correctly and clearly display the actual water level in the boiler; the water level gauge should be cleaned regularly according to the clarity of the glass plate of the water level gauge: when cleaning, first manually feed the water to make the boiler reach the highest water level;
4000000 Kcal Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler
Coal fired thermal oil boiler (heater) use coal as fuel, the thermal oil is heated in the tube. Using the circulating pimp to force the liquid thermal oil circulation , and then transporting the heat to the thermal equipment.
Coal Fired Thermal Fluid Heater Delivery
In order to further improve the heat utilization efficiency and reduce the energy consumption, This customer purchased a set of YLW series horizontal thermal oil heater from Bidragon Boiler
Bangladesh 7MW Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler for Wood Industry
Thermal oil boiler  (also called Thermal oil heater) provides heat energy for the hot pressing and drying in the manufacturing processes of wood products. The end user of this project is a local wood product manufacturer in Bangladesh.
gas thermal oil heater
Rubber Industry 15 Million Kcal Gas Thermal Oil Heater Project
Leather can only be made into a leather product after many processes, among which neutralization, dyeing, fatliquoring, pressing and drying need high-temperature support. The customer ordered several sets of gas-fired thermal oil heaters from Bidragon Boiler for heating the production line.
4 Million Kcal Coal Thermal oil heater Arrived At Customer’s site in Ethiopia,
4 Million Kcal Coal Thermal oil heater Arrived At Customer’s site in Ethiopia
One set 4000000kcal coal fired thermal oil heater arrived at customer’s site finally after the long distance shipping.
This chain grate type thermal oil heater will be separate into two parts during delivery, so that it will be convenient for transportation.
After customer received the heater, we’ll provide detailed drawing and free online guiding to help customer finish the assembling, installation and commissioning.
Two Sets 2.5 Million Kcal Gas Thermal Oil Heater Installed in Serbia
This customer has very high requirement for quality, and thanks to customer’s trust, they choose Bidragon among all the competitors at last.
Two sets 2500000kcal gas fired thermal oil heater installed successfully in customer’s workshop, cotton industry.
Expecting our long terms cooperation.
1400KW Gas thermal oil heater price
1400KW Gas thermal oil heater finished installation
One set 1400KW gas fired thermal oil heater finished installation last week in Algeria, chemical factory.
Customer feedback with praise to Bidragon team. Thanks to our customer’s trust again.
Industrial Boiler Installation Process Introduction
What is the installation process of industrial boilers?
What is Condensing Boiler
The condensing boiler condensing combustion technology reduces the flue gas temperature to 50 degrees, condenses part of the flue gas into a liquid state, and absorbs the flue gas.
About How to Prevent the Hidden Dangers of Steam Generators
Prevent the steam generator from entering too much steam: restart when the water heater valve is set, and the steam turbine unit side should allocate funds to lock the machinery and equipment, and fasten the check door of the exhaust pipe of the high-pressure cylinder to prevent the door from closing too loosely and causing the heat treatment furnace. Too much steam.
Reasons Why Gas Boilers Fail to Catch Fire
Each new gas fired boiler room can only be set up with one chimney. The height of the chimney should be based on the total installed capacity of the boiler room, as specified in Table 4, and the chimneys of oil-fired and gas-fired boilers should not be less than 8 meters.
Three Ways to Improve the Thermal Efficiency of Gas Boilers
The design of the boiler should be reasonable. The construction and connection of the furnace, combustion chamber, and pipelines need to be guided by professional boiler technicians
What are the Common Misunderstandings in the Operation of Gas Steam Boilers?
Many people think that the more fuel you add to a gas boiler, the more steam you can produce. However, if too much fuel enters the furnace, the effect will be counterproductive.
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