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Hospital Steam Boiler

Publish Time: 2019-06-05
Steam boiler and hot water boiler is common seen in hospital, here we mainly discuss the steam boiler usage in hospital. Steam boiler in hospital mainly used to sterilize medical vessels and dry matched bedding and cloths, as well supply hot water for bathing and cleaning when connecting with heat ex-changer.

Hospital boiler features:
1. Mainly used in sterilization and disinfection, drying in laundry room, generally the steam pressure scope is adjusted from 0.2~0.7Mpa.
2. Adopting moisture separation equipment, so the dryness fraction of steam is high.
3. Automatic frequency control, the steam outlet is adjustable according to actual usage.
4. Hospital has single boiler room and controlling cabinet, one person can monitor and operate the boiler in the room, easy and safety.