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Thermal Fluid Heater Advantages

Publish Time: 2021-12-08

Thermal oils tolerate higher temperatures than water-based formulas without boiling or unduly increasing system pressure.

Thermal fluid heating, and thermal oil systems, in particular, have several advantages. These advantages include:

1. Efficiency

Efficient industrial heating is important for a variety of reasons – both within your facility and its daily operations, and on a larger scale.

Thermal fluid heaters are highly efficient, and significantly more efficient than their alternative heating system counterparts. They offer facilities the opportunity for decreased operating costs and decreased energy costs (which can contribute, in turn, to increased profitability), while being more environmentally friendly.

2. Installation Flexibility

Whether you’re retrofitting or working with facility constraints, finding the space needed to install a new industrial heating system can be a challenge. Some system types may be eliminated from the running because they can’t be configured within the space available.

Thermal fluid heating systems provide increased installation flexibility. Systems can be installed indoors or outdoors, and in some cases can be built to fit unique specifications. Because they don’t need to be immediately adjacent to the process they are heating, thermal fluid heaters can also be installed remotely. This flexibility is key when you’re working with limited floor space within your facility but you’re still looking for a highly efficient heating solution.

3. Minimal Maintenance

One of the major day-to-day advantages of thermal fluid heaters is the fact that they require minimal maintenance to keep them in prime operating condition compared to steam boiler systems. While they do need housekeeping and attention on a regular schedule for optimal performance, the effort required is not nearly as hefty as what’s required for steam-based systems.

4. Lower Operational Costs

Because they operate efficiently, require minimal maintenance, and don’t necessitate chemical treatment, condensation collection systems, a dedicated system attendant, etc. to operate, thermal fluid heaters boast lower operational costs than steam boiler systems and many other types of process heating systems.