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DZL10 Chain Grate Boiler Installation Site

Publish Time: 2023-07-12
The project is horizontal chain grate biomass steam boiler using at readymade garments. We learned that this customer is in the garment industry. Washing, drying, and ironing in garment manufacturing are all inseparable from steam. According to the customer's heat consumption, DZL10 chain grate boiler is suitable for this customer. In order to save costs for customers, we have customized boilers suitable for burning waste fabric

The following is the installation and commissioning site of our local engineers in Bangladesh
DZL biomass fired steam boilers are widely used for the following industrial production
Textile industry – dyeing machine, drying rooms, high temperature machine, resin setting machine.
Food industry – cooking, drying, vegetable oil refining.
Chemical industry – oil chemistry, polymer industry, reaction tanks, distillation, concentration.
Plastics industry – plastics fired, extruded shape.
Rubber industry – hot press, hot extent, extrusion, vulcanization molding, injection, etc.
Paper industry – drying, corrugated paper processing, calender, glue roller.
Wood industry – hot processing, heat setting.
Hotel – cooking, bathing, laundry, central heating, etc.