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4Ton Low Nitrogen Gas Steam Boiler for Rubber Factory

Publish Time: 2021-01-23

As the determination of country to prevent and control air pollution is increasing, various policies have been introduced across the country. Almost every region, the timeline and number of boiler renovations have been issued. In order to maximize the cost savings of the company’s operations, most companies will choose to convert coal-fired boilers to gas-fired boilers, and the rubber chemicals industry is no exception.

Our Egypt Customer planned rubber auxiliary energy-saving renovation project. They purchased a 4 Ton Low Nitrogen gas fired steam boiler at BIDRAGON boiler. We finished the 4ton gas fired steam boiler for Egypt customer, and ordered one 20’ container and on 20’frame to deliver the whole set boiler body and boiler auxiliary. In October, 2020, customer finished the boiler installed and put into production, just in begin of this year, we got customer feedback, the steam boiler is working well and they would reorder another same type boiler to expand the business.