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Supply Steam

Hospital Steam Boiler for Drying and Sterilization:

Steam Boiler Application
Steam Boiler has wide application in our daily life, and play important role in our life and industry, following is partial usage of steam boiler:
1. Food processing plant, such as meat processing, beer processing, etc.
2. Connecting with heat exchanger: through connecting with exchanger, the steam boiler transfer thermal heat to water and heat the water, then supply hot water for heating, bathing, etc.
3. Petrochemical industry: supply steam to heat petroleum and increase mobility.
4. Furniture industry: supply steam to dry plywood and wood.
5. Building and construction industry: supply stem to heat air-added foam brick.
6. Washing and ironing industry: equipped with dry cleaning machine, dryer, water washer, dehydrator, ironing machine, iron, etc.
7. Packaging machinery industry: equipped with labeling machine and making machine.
8. Food machinery industry: equipped with tofu machine, sterilizer, packaging machine, coating equipment, sealing machine,etc.
9. Road and railway for concrete curing.