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Oil Steam Boiler In Beer Processing Plant

Publish Time: 2019-06-05
During the beer processing, steam boiler and hot water boiler is used in saccharification process and fermentation process, and the steam boiler equipped with heat ex-changer to high temperature heat to make the malt and rice become soluble, while the hot water boiler supply hot water into rice cooker continually.

1. Barley preparation:
Barley must be converted into soluble sugars for the brewing process by the germination process. Before entering into malt workshop, the barley will be store for tow or three month after harvest. Then, we need to get clean barley, so we will use sieving machine to remove impurity, permanent magnetic drum to remove metal, stoning machine to remove stone. After above steps, the barley will go into steep vessel to wash and absorb water, then will be made finished malt after though the  germinating box, drying tower and root cutter. The whole process spends about 10 days from barley to finished malt.

2. Saccharification process
Before being delivered into the brewing workshop, the malt will be firstly sent to the crushing tower, then the crushed malt and rice will be mixed in the rice cooker. Which rice cooker is one convoluted metal container with hot water and steam inlet hole, stirrer, temperature, pressure and other control device. Inside rice cooker, malt will become boiled after heating by hot water, at this moment, the insoluble protein and starch will become soluble wort, and the wort must be removed skin shell before deliver to boiling pot.
3. Adding brewer yeast to frozen wort, and the sugar will break up alcohol and carbon dioxide, after about seven days, it will becomes delicate beer, and then after more than ten days, it will become mature. At that time, filtering mature bear through machine, we can get amber beer.

 4. Packing process
The finished beer will be feed into beer bottle or beer jar, and then after through visual and liquid inspection machine and other strict checks, installed in the beer box.