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Biomass Hot Air Furnace

Biomass Hot Air Furnace

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Biomass hot air furnace is one type boiler, burning wood or biomass pellet to supply high temperature dry air for industry, food, chemical processing, etc.
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Product Description
Main Parameter


Direct type hot air furnace

Indirect hot air furnace

Working method

Burning fuel directly and form clean hot air, and the hot air is used directly in drying or baking room.

Burning fuel to get ht air, and the hot air is used in heat exchanger to heat air.


coal, wood chip, biomass pellet, etc.

coal, wood chip, biomass pellet, etc.

Biomass Hot Air FurnaceBiomass Hot Air Furnace

Biomass Hot Air Furnace

1. Processing drying of chemical products and medicines.
2. Baking coatings and powder spraying curing in the car, motorcycle, container, household appliances, etc., field.
3. Textile printing and garment field for the thermoforming, thermosol dyeing, baking and hot air stenter, etc.
4. Casting industry moulding sand and sand core drying.
5. Building materials industry, wood drying, man-made board, laminated sheet drying, drywall drying, glass fiber products drying.
6. Roasting for agricultural products, feed and food processing.
7. Heating industrial plants and civil buildings.
8. Welding industry and solder drying.
9. Drying in heat preservation material, glass fiber reinforced plastic industry, aluminium silicate products, rare earth heat preservation, glass reinforced plastic products, etc., field.
Hot air outlet temperature(℃): 60~560
Thermal power supply : 0.11mw, 0.23mw, 0.47mw, 0.7mw, 1.4mw, etc.
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