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When the boiler needs to be shut down urgently?

Publish Time: 2021-06-09
Boiler operation is a very professional and highly technical job. As the heart of the workshop, reducing the risk of safe and stable operation of the boiler, the boiler operation to improve the understanding of the technical expertise to identify risks in the production run, propose preventive measures is to improve the safe operation of the boiler management is an important job we want done .


When the boiler needs to be shut down urgently?

1. The water level of the steam drum exceeds the limit value;

2. The temperature of the pot water rises sharply out of control;

3. All circulating water pumps or make-up pumps fail;

4. All boiler pressure gauges or safety valves fail;

5. The pressure components of the boiler are damaged, endangering the safety of boiler operation and operators;

6. The make-up pump keeps making up water, and the boiler pressure continues to drop;

7. The combustion equipment is damaged, the furnace wall collapses or the boiler frame is burnt red;

8. Other situations beyond the safe operating range.