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The difference between steam boiler and steam generator

Publish Time: 2021-07-07

The steam boiler includes a steam generator, but the steam generator is not a steam boiler, so the annual inspection is different. The steam generator is able to use hot water, fuel or other energy to become hot water or steam heating mechanical equipment, it does not require water annual volume of less than 30 liters. A steam boiler is a boiler that releases heat energy through the combustion of fuel and transfers the heat energy to water, turning the water into a steam heat exchange device with a certain temperature and pressure. It is a special equipment that requires high qualifications and product safety requirements for production enterprises and requires annual inspections. The boilers that pass the annual inspections One more layer of protection.

Compared with the steam generator steam boiler, the characteristics are:

1. Ample output and wide application range
The steam boiler has a large water volume and strong load adaptability. It is suitable for industrial enterprises with continuous and uninterrupted gas consumption. The steam generator has a simple structure and small water volume. It produces fast gas and is more suitable for small and micro enterprises with intermittent gas consumption under the same displacement.
2. Better steam quality
The steam-water separator in the steam boiler gas bag can separate the steam and water and purify the steam, thus effectively guaranteeing the steam quality

1. The steam boiler has a larger capacity range, from 1 ton to 100 tons or even larger, suitable for various industries such as heating, food, chemical printing and dyeing. The steam generator has a small capacity range, with an evaporation capacity of about 0.5 tons. It generally adopts a modular configuration and is often used in production and life fields that require steam consumption of less than half a ton or less than 300,000Kcal.