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How to choose a proper thermal oil heater

Publish Time: 2022-01-05

The thermal oil heater is a kind of boiler that can provide a higher temperature medium. Compared with the steam boiler, its medium temperature is higher, which can satisfy various process conditions to a great extent and solve some problems. For example, in asphalt, carbon, printing and dyeing, wood processing, food processing and so on. In these industries, due to the particularity of the industry, the temperature of the heat source provided by general steam or superheated steam cannot meet the requirements of the process, so the high-temperature heat source of the heat-conducting oil boiler will fully play its role.

There are many factors to consider as you’re purchasing your options when it comes to industrial thermal fluid heaters. Let’s walk through the key considerations that will guide you to the best new thermal fluid heater for your facility.

As you shop your options, use the following criteria to help narrow your search.


The industry in which you work will narrow down your thermal fluid heater options. Some heating equipment has applications across industries, but many thermal fluid heaters and system components are specifically relevant for specific uses or industrial processes.

As you’re exploring your choices, be sure to keep industry in mind to ensure you’re reviewing the most relevant and applicable equipment options.

Space Requirements or Restrictions

Size matters when it comes to selecting thermal fluid heating equipment. If you’re replacing a piece of equipment, you’ll want to make sure the options you are considering will fit within the square footage you have available.

Budget and Cost

Budget is often one of the most influential factors in the process of selecting the right thermal fluid heater for a facility.