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What are the reasons for the large gas consumption of gas boilers?

Publish Time: 2022-04-20

Reasons for the large gas consumption of gas boilers

There are two main reasons for the large gas consumption of gas-fired boilers. One is the increase in the boiler load; the other is the reduction in the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The details are as follows:

1. The influence of load factors. Mainly on the premise that there is no measuring instrument, we measure the output of heat according to the conventional understanding. When the user is unstable, the heat consumption increases, so the boiler load increases. The boiler output will be mistaken for increased gas consumption because there is no metering instrument;

2. Thermal efficiency drops. There are many factors for the decrease of thermal efficiency. List the main points that are often encountered and check them:

Due to the scaling of the boiler caused by the water quality, the heat transfer efficiency of the heating surface decreases. The thermal resistance of scale is 40 times that of steel, so 1mm of scale will increase fuel consumption by 15%. The boiler drum can be opened to directly check the scale condition, and the flue gas temperature can also be detected to determine whether scaling is formed.

Fouling on the outer surface of the heating surface also increases fuel consumption. This is mainly because the low temperature is easy to cause fouling on the outer surface of the heating surface. It can enter the furnace for inspection, and can also be determined by detecting the exhaust gas temperature;

The boiler has serious air leakage. Excessive cold air enters the furnace, and the oxygen content of the flue gas increases. If there is a flue gas oxygen content detector, and the oxygen content of the flue gas exceeds 8%, there will be excess air and heat loss. Air leakage can be determined by detecting the oxygen content of flue gas;

The quality of the gas decreases and the concentration decreases. This requires professional analysis;

Burner automatic adjustment failure. The combustion of the burner is mainly adjusted by the automatically adjusted "air-fuel ratio". Due to the instability of the sensor or the computer program, although the combustion is normal, it will cause "chemical incomplete combustion heat loss". Look at the burning flame, red fire means poor combustion, blue fire means good combustion. Comprehensive analysis and processing are carried out in combination with the above-mentioned contents.