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Difference of thermal oil boiler and steam boiler

Author:Site Editor
Publish Time: 2019-06-05
Boilers have four different models, steam boilers, hot water boiler, hot oil boiler and molten salt furnace. Here we will discuss the different of thermal oil boiler and steam boiler
Max temperature: For thermal oil heater, the max temperature is 340℃, and for steam boiler, the normal temperature is 171℃.
Pressure: Hot oil boiler is high temperature with lower pressure; steam boiler is high temperature with high pressure. Higher pressure, higher temperature.
Safety: Because the steam boiler is operating with high pressure, so the safety is not so good as thermal oil boiler.
Installation: There is one thermal oil heater called packed hot oil boiler, it no need installation, can use directly. Even normal thermal oil boiler, it can be install by normal workers, but steam boiler need install by licensed boiler operator.
Effectiveness: Thermal fluid heating system is more efficiently, because it is a closed circulatory system. But steam boiler is not, part of energy will lost when the steam come out the boiler to the user equipment, and when used, the steam will come out directly,.
All above, if you only need to get the high temperature in the industry, then hot oil system is better than the steam boiler system. Thermal fluid heating system is easy to operate and operate more safety.