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Advantages of Gas Fired Boiler

Publish Time: 2021-09-01

Advantages of Gas Fired Boiler

1. Compared with traditional coal fired boilers, gas fired boilers are more environmentally friendly. The Ringelmann blackness of the exhaust flue gas is 0 grade, the content of sulfur dioxide (S02) is very small, and the combustion efficiency can reach more than 99%.

2. The gas fired boiler is convenient to start and stop, heat up quickly, and has a high degree of automation. For boilers that operate intermittently, the heat loss during the compression process can be omitted, which is beneficial to improve thermal efficiency.

3. The fuel gas is completely burned, there is no fly ash, no phenomenon of coal-fired boiler particles scouring the furnace body, and no ash accumulation on the heat transfer surface, which is more conducive to heat transfer and prolongs the life of the furnace body.

Other advantages: On the one hand, the gas fuel is transported by pipeline, and there is no ash and slag after combustion. Not only can the coal storage yard and slag storage yard for coal-fired boilers be omitted, but also the coal transportation system and slag removal system of coal-fired boilers can be eliminated. Greatly reduce labor intensity and reduce urban transportation; on the other hand, the calorific value of the gas is stable, and the flow can be adjusted conveniently and accurately through the flow control valve, which is convenient to realize the automation of the production process. On the whole, gas-fired boilers do have certain advantages over coal-fired boilers. Of course, users should also consider the stability of local fuel supply and local environmental protection policies when choosing boilers.