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Electric Thermal Fluid Boiler
Electric Heating Thermal Fluid Boiler
Electric Heating Thermal Fluid Boiler

Electric Heating Thermal Fluid Boiler

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Taking electric as fuel and making hot oil circulating inside hot oil boiler to supply high temperature thermal energy for food processing, drying usage, sterilization, etc.
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Brief Introduction
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Electric thermal oil boiler is also called electric hot oil heater or electric thermal fluid heater, which is an packaged boiler, composed with explosion protection system, heat ex-changer, control cabinet, oil pump, expansion tank, etc. Customer can use the electric thermal oil boiler only through offering powder, and connecting the medium outlet pipe and some electrical interface.
The thermal oil boiler adopts circulating pump to press the oil circular flow inside boiler, and transfer the heat to other equipment, and when the heat was released, the fluid oil will back into heater through circulating pump to absorb heat and re-transfer the heat to other equipment, in this cyclic operation, the thermal oil boiler finish heat transfer.
This hot oil heater adopts digital display temperature controller, which boiler has many function: Over-temperature alarm, low oil level alarm, super pressure alarm, etc. 

Widely used in chemical, petroleum, plywood processing, printing and dyeing, food, road building, shipbuilding, textiles, films, etc., field.

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Item/Model Thermal power             (kw) Heat efficiency             ( %) Design pressure   (Mpa) Medium max.   Temp.(℃) Pipe connection   diameter(mm) Weight               (kg)
YDM-9KW 9 97 1 300 25 155
YDM-30KW 30 97 1 300 50 580
YDM-48KW 48 97 1 300 50 680
YDM-60KW 60 97 1 300 50 720
YDM-72KW 72 97 1 300 50 800
YDM-90KW 90 97 1 300 50 950
YDM-120KW 120 97 1 300 50 1150
YDM-160KW 160 97 1 300 65 1350
YDM-240KW 240 97 1 300 65 2650
YDM-360KW 360 97 1 300 80 3150
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