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DZH Manual Jute Waste Fabric Steam Boiler

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Introduction of jute waste fabric steam boiler
Technical Parameter
Applications scope
DZH series steam boiler, also called jute waste fabric steam boiler, which needs labour to feed fuel and remove the dregs.

It has fire tube and water tube structure, suitable for small capacity less than 6tons/h. The fuels can be coal, wood log, wood chip, wood waste, jute,waste fabric,rice husk and other solid fuel, ect.

1. It's a adaptable to a wide range of fuels including jute,waste fabric,bituminous coal, lean coal and anthracite;
2. Thermal efficiency 5%-15% higher than other boilers, annual cost savings for 10tph boiler as high as USD70000;
3. Saving money and time: custom designed and feeding system, slag discharge system, flue gas treatment system;
4. Easy feeding and discharge, high level of automation that requires less operational and maintenance personnel;
5. Safety assured by the advanced interlock control system.

Medicine, chemical, light industry, textile, building material, cultivation, food and beverage, plastic foam, printing, dyeing 
and washing, rubber processing, paper products,wood processing, hotel, clothing and leather manufacturer etc.

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