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DZH 4Ton Coal Fired Steam Boiler

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Coal Fired Steam Boiler Features
Technical Parameter
  1. Structure compact, small area requirement, low civil construction cost, simple installation at site.
  2. The multi-spots enter the wind, matches the wind reasonably, the adjustment is precision.
  3. Burning fully, high thermal efficiency, the fuel good compatibility.
  4. Eliminates smoke and dust, environment friendly.
  5. With the overpressure alarm, the ultrahigh voltage switch off, double safety valves and explosive proof door to ensure safety.
  6. Water auto feeding: when the water level reach to low setting limit and stop when the water inside boiler is enough.
  7. Big steam space and steam filter to get pure steam.
  8. The boiler’s working status can be seen through double pressure gauges, and double water level indicator.


Technical parameters:


Items  Specifications
Model DZH4-1.25-T
Rated Evaporation 4t/h
Rated Steam Pressure 1.25Mpa
Rated Steam Temperature 193°C 
Inlet water temperature 20°C
Water Pressure Testing pressure 1.65Mpa
Chimney diameter 360mm
Water inlet diameter DN25
Steam outlet diameter DN100
Efficiency ≥79.6%
Heating area 114.5m2
Max transportation dimensions(L*W*H) 7335*2800*3530(mm)
Max transportation weight 29t
HS Code 84021900




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