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Oil Boiler for Corrugated Paper Line

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The corrugated box used for shipping packaging appeared in 1907 and became the most important transport packaging container due to its light weight, low cost, environmental protection, easy processing, storage and transportation.

corrugated paper.jpg

The magic to ensure the quality of corrugated cardboard is temperature controlling.

In the production process of corrugated board, the temperature directly affect the quality of corrugated cardboard. By controlling the temperature, we can adjust the water content of corrugated base paper, and also control the curing time of paste solution, to control the bonding speed and firmness of corrugated paper. Therefore, the temperature control is a very important part of the corrugated production process.

corrugated paper line.jpg

In order to effectively control the temperature, we set up the heater and drying plate in many places of the corrugated board production line. Often the heat is provided by the steam boiler. A good steam boiler with good quality and outstanding temperature controlling ability and stable steam output is your best choice.

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