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Molten Salt Furnace For produce Lubricating Oil

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Following is one of our project, diesel fired molten salt furnace used to produce lubricating oil. This project need to heat the lubricating oil to 480℃,in order to keep the temperature, their salt tank is buried underground, this is a great insulation system.

molten salt furnace1.jpg

Operation steps:

First, worker need to check the status of the furnace and salt tank. Confirm everything is ready to start the machine.

Secondly, put the salt in the salt storage tank, and then heat the salt into liquid. Later use the start the pump, make sure the salt cycle in the furnace. Heat the salt until reach to temperature which you need. Finally it can off the heat to the equipment.

lubricating oil equipment.jpg

There are something need take attention:

1. The volume of the salt tank needs 1.5times bigger than the salt volume which the system need.

2. The pipes linked in salt tank and furnace body need a slope, at least 5-10℃,so that the salt can back to the salt tank successfully after heating.

3. The salt tank need installation in the lowest place of the system, this is better to help the salt back to the salt tank.

storage tank.jpg

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