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Hot Oil Boiler In Rubber Production Line

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I. Rubber industry:

At present, the sales amount of rubber industry is more than 250 billion, and the rubber has been already important commodities for international trade. The rubber product widely used in tire, rubber shoes, etc., industry, construction product, medical and cultural sports product.

hot oil heating system

II. Thermal heat application:

In the rubber production line, the heat from hot oil boiler should up 260℃—300℃, and is used in following production process: hot-pressing, hot-extension, extrusion, kneading, smelting, vulcanization molding, injection molding machines, glue mixers, conveyor dryers, screw extruders, and mold heating and insulation. 

III. Why choose hot oil heating boiler in rubber production:

Why we choose hot oil boiler, not use steam boiler, because the hot oil boiler supplies high temperature thermal heat under low pressure, more safe and economical.

In the rubber production line, cost of the thermal heat energy takes up as high as 18%, with our new updated technolyge, reforming energy saving euipment of hot oil boiler and improving the heating equipment performance, then the production efficiency can be increased by 20%. Compared with steam heating before reforming, the updated hot oil boiler will save 60% energy.

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