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What document is provided with steam boiler delivery

Views:5     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-08-14      Origin:Site

When steam boiler departures factory, the boiler seller should provide the following related boiler document to prove boiler safety and relaible:

  1. The boiler manufacturing quality certificate.

  2. Boiler manufacturing product supervision and inspection certificate.

  3. The boiler and the total pressure of the components of the components, the calculation of the strength of the pressure components; safety valve emissions calculation book, boiler design instructions, boiler installation instructions, pressure components major design changes, boiler heat calculation book, Wall temperature calculation book, smoke wind resistance calculation book, thermal expansion system diagram, reheater wall temperature calculation book, boiler water cycle (including soda water resistance) calculation book, soft water system diagram, the protection device setting value.

  4. Boiler safety accessories product quality certificate, certificate, verification report and the water treatment equipment factory data.

  5. Boiler room and boiler room layout plan, process pipeline design; B boiler installation site records.

  6. Basic acceptance records.

  7. Purchased parts warranty book, certificate (steel, steel, valves, fittings, etc.).

  8. Steel frame and large plate beam deflection, the main column vertical acceptance records.

  9. Drum (drum), collection box acceptance records and drums internal device inspection records.

  10. suspension device, hanging device, expansion indicator, monitoring section of the pipeline and creep measuring points and high-strength bolts inspection records;

  11. Boiler foundation settlement records.

  12. Alloy steel welding simulation test.

  13. Heating surface pipe (expansion tube) installation acceptance records.

  14. Other document.

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