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Supply Thermal Energy

Thermal oil boiler is widely in industry field, following is part of application:
1. Paper making industry: for supply high temperature heat for colloid roller, dry roller, drying container, hot melt machine,etc.
2. Plastic and rubber industry: mainly used for hot pressing, hot drawing, extrusion, kneading, mixer, vulcanization molding, injection plastic injection machine, mucilage, mixer, conveyor belt dryer, screw extruder and the mould heating and heat preservation.
3. Oil refinery processing plant:to preheat the cold material.
4. In the fat and paint industries: It is mainly used for the heating of autoclave, drying machine, distillation, evaporating equipment, paint drying.
5. Wood industry: It is mainly used for hot pressing and molding of fiberboard, chipboard, laminate,and plywood and panel, as well as the heating of wood drying equipment, drying equipment, coating equipment and glue machine.
6. Building materials industry: It is mainly used in drywall drying, concrete component solidification protection and prefabrication, ceramic tile press, decorative material drying and linoleum production line.
7. Road construction project: It is mainly used for heat preservation of asphalt heating, dissolving, asphalt storage tank, asphalt concrete and emulsified asphalt.
8. Metallurgy, machinery processing and casting industry.
9. The food industry: it is used for bread baking, food drying, cooking oil press, etc.
10. Textile printing and dyeing industry: mainly used for drying stereotypes, dyeing printing, drying machine, calender and presser, etc.
11. Car manufacturing field.
12. The national defense scientific research.
13. Maritime industry.
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