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Supply Steam

Hospital Steam Boiler for Drying and Sterilization:
steam boiler for drying and sterilization in hospital
Steam Boiler Application

Steam boiler has wide application in our daily life, and play important role in our life and industry, following is partial usage of steam boiler:
1. Food processing plant, such as meat processing, beer processing, etc.
2. Connecting with heat exchanger: through connecting with exchanger, the steam boiler transfer thermal heat to water and heat the water, then supply hot water for heating, bathing, etc.
3. Petrochemical industry: supply steam to heat petroleum and increase mobility.
4. Furniture industry: supply steam to dry plywood and wood.
5. Building and construction industry: supply stem to heat air-added foam brick.
6. Washing and ironing industry: equipped with dry cleaning machine, dryer, water washer, dehydrator, ironing machine, iron, etc.
7. Packaging machinery industry: equipped with labeling machine and making machine.
8. Food machinery industry: equipped with tofu machine, sterilizer, packaging machine, coating equipment, sealing machine,etc.
9. Road and railway for concrete curing.
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