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  • Difference of thermal oil boiler and steam boiler

    Boilers have four different models, steam boilers, hot water boiler, hot oil boiler and molten salt furnace. Here we will discuss the different of thermal oil boiler and steam boilerMax temperature: For thermal oil heater, the max temperature is 340℃, and for steam boiler, the normal temperature Read More

  • How does a thermal fluid heater work?

    A Thermal fluid heater is industrial heating equipment, used where only heat transfers are desired instead of pressure. In this equipment, a thermal fluid is circulated in the entire system for heat transfers to the desired processes. Read More

  • Why Choose Bidragon Thermal Fluid Heater For Asphalt Heating

    When the asphalt is used, it is necessary to heat the asphalt in the storage tank to improve the fluidity of the asphalt in order to smoothly and quickly output. Heating the asphalt generally uses a thermal oil heater. The thermal fluid heater operates under normal pressure. Read More

  • What Application is the Hot Oil Boiler Used for

    Thermal oil heater as one type hating equipment, supplying high temperature heat up to 340℃ for different industry field under the low working pressure, safety and easy to operate. Which industry will use the thermal oil heater ? Read More

  • Difference of Packed Thermal Oil Boiler and Normal Thermal Oil Boiler

    Packed thermal oil boiler also called skid mounted thermal oil boiler, the difference of normal thermal oil boiler as follows: Shape: Boilers are the same, but one is packed together, it is a whole set. Another is several pieces.Shipment: Packed thermal oil boiler is difficult for shipment; Read More

  • Hot Oil Boiler In Rubber Production Line

    I. Rubber industry:At present, the sales amount of rubber industry is more than 250 billion, and the rubber has been already important commodities for international trade. The rubber product widely used in tire, rubber shoes, etc., industry, construction product, medical and cultural sports product. Read More

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