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  • 72kw Electric Steam Generator Deliver to America

    Compared with the traditional method of heating water, mini electric heating steam generator is easy to operate, high efficiency, low operating cost, and most important, the temperature and pressure of steam generator is adjustable according to actual hair removal needs, which ensures normal operation of the hair removal production process. Read More

  • 500Kg Wood Steam Boiler Delivery to Cannada

    Today we packaged the 500 kg wood pellet fired steam boiler with two plywood box and plastic wrap, and the boiler body is packaged with plastic wrap and the pellet boiler auxiliary is packaged with two plywood boxes. According to customer requirement, we offered all pictures of the wood pellet boile Read More

  • Hot Oil Boiler In Rubber Production Line

    I. Rubber industry:At present, the sales amount of rubber industry is more than 250 billion, and the rubber has been already important commodities for international trade. The rubber product widely used in tire, rubber shoes, etc., industry, construction product, medical and cultural sports product. Read More

  • How the Steam Generator is Used in Printing and Dyeing Process

    Printing and dyeing is a chemical procesing for fibers, yarns, etc., textile material, including pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing processes, and the heat sources required for pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing processes are basically supplied by steam. In order to effectively Read More

  • 1000kg Oil Fired Steam Boiler Delivery

    Through one month processing, 1000kg oil fired steam boiler with 1.0Mpa steam pressure has been finished.Once we get customer information, we will deliver it by railway once we get customer information. Read More

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